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We Build Business Web Applications

Are you looking for a developer to create a business application?

Bespoke Business Applications Built To Fit Your Specific Needs

We build business applications using the largest Microsoft based Open Source Content Management System (CMS) called DNN.  With over 20 years of experience, we have refined our craft and along the way created award-winning solutions for customers such as the NHS.

Electronic Forms

Electronic Forms and Validation
Our electronic forms provide many advanced features to help streamline and simplify the management and processing of your data.  With over 25 data types including uploading of single and multiple files we create easy to use forms that can handle the most complex data sets, business rules and security.

Data Grids, Lists, Calendars

Data Grids, Lists, Calendars, Carousels
Tabulated data can be presented in grids, lists, calendars and carousels.  Your data can be searched, filtered, exported and business actions can be applied to single or multiple data rows.  Using business rules to secure the data and ensure quality is maintained in-line with your data governance procedures.

Cloud Storage, Secure Document Management System

Secure Cloud Document Management
Documents can be uploaded and securely stored in the cloud (Azure, AWS, DropBox, etc.).  We create bespoke Document Management solutions that include features such as federated search, dynamic meta data, reminders, complex business rules and integration with your business application.

Suitable For All Businesses and Industry Sectors

We have delivered solutions for both SME's and large organisations with thousands of users.  Our solutions can be hosted in the cloud, or on-premises and are suitable for all industry sectors.  Our latest solutions include the Health Sector, Fintech, Education, Transport and Construction.  With 100's of features, capabilities and integrations we build bespoke software solutions to refine, simplify and transform business processes.  Staff benefit by having software systems that help them to perform their duties more effectively, and management benefit from better business data and reports to help drive efficiency, and data governance to ensure working practices are adhered to.

DNN Web Framework

We use the DNN web framework (the largest Microsoft based Open Source Content Management System) as a basis of our business web applications because we get many useful features straight out of the box, such as:

  • User Login / Logout & Access Code based Password Reset
  • User Management
  • Cloud based Document Management System
  • Security Roles and Groups
  • Page Creation

  • Content Management
  • Event Log and System Health
  • Job Scheduler
  • Text/SMS Integration

Within just a couple of hours, we can host a new business web application and give our customers access so they watch the progress of the application being built.  Our approach to agile application development heavily de-risks each project because our Customers can access and use the solution and provide constant feedback to ensure that their requirements are met.  

Login / Logout / Password Reset

It is essential that users can easily Login / Logout and reset their passwords.  We have created solutions that provide Access Code verifications by email and SMS and also 2-factor authentication.  A Microsoft Active Directory membership provider can also be used.

User Management

Some of our solutions have 1000's of customers from all over the world.  Out-of-the-box there are great user management features, and we have also created customised features to help staff accomplish specific duties such as refreshing users by importing fresh/updated lists from other systems automatically.

Security Roles and Groups

Security is managed in three ways:

Page-level security

Module-level security

Action-level security

Using this approach it is possible to determine who has access to the entire page, what they see on the page, and what actions they can take such as clicking a button.  In the vast majority of cases, the three levels of security provide enough flexibility for some very complex use cases.  It is also possible to augment/create new security capabilities and there is also a Professional version that supports a higher granularity. 

Web Page Creation

Creating pages and securing them against roles is very easy.  Pages can be created in a hierarchy allowing an application outline to take shape very quickly.  Comments can be added to the pages to explain what each page will contain, giving the Customer an idea of the solution within just the first few hours of the project starting.

Content Management

We believe that it is essential for web applications to provide help and guides to help enforce governance and ensure that the systems are being used correctly.  Our drag-and-drop editor provides all the features necessary to write great looking support information.  We also have the capability to provide interactive walkthroughs, allowing the staff to follow live step by step tutorials to learn how to use the system; helping staff to transition and use new systems is an important step in the delivery of any new system especially if there is a level of complexity or staff are not used to using computer-based systems.

Event Log and System Health

For system admins it is essential that they can quickly find any issues that might be occurring, that's why an Event Log is so important.  The event log can automatically email out errors and can be checked regularly to ensure that everything is running properly.

Job Scheduler

The job scheduler executes system jobs in the background.  It can also be used to execute application jobs, for example, each morning it can send Team Leaders and Managers various reports, or it can automate the sending of SMS messages out to staff.  Scheduling jobs is an extremely powerful feature for automating many business activities.

What Next?

We need to understand your business requirements so we can put together a Requirements / High Level Design, and a detailed quote for your consideration.

When we start a new business application we are up and running in just a few hours and we are able to give our Customers access immediately.  Building applications feature by feature ensures that our solutions meet the needs and requirements of the solution and this is a great way to deliver IT Systems.

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