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Use a chatbot to generate more leads

How many leads are you losing every day?

Use a Chatbot to Generate More Leads

A common issue for faced by all website owners is the speed at which their website loads.  For every second it takes your website to load, conversions drop 20%.  So you might have spent much time ensuring that your site is fast, and still you are not getting as many conversions as you want!

The second issue, and just as important, is helping your visitors to find the information that they are looking for after they land on your website.  If they can't quickly find what they need, they will leave, and your competitors will win. You are at the mercy of your visitor to explore your content, so if there is a better approach to the typical menu and search wouldn't you want to know about it?

Well, it just so happens there is!  More people use messaging than they use Facebook.  Over the last few years we have all been conditioned to chat using messager apps, and we feel comfortable doing it.  Even better, people like talking to a chatbot; according to SalesForce, 69% of Consumers prefer Chatbots for quick communication. 

Chatbots offer many advantages including:

  • Alternative to menu and search navigation
  • Better engagement

  • Providing other services
  • Dramatically enhanced analytics

Alternative to Menu and Search Navigation

Rather than leave your visitor to explore your website, a chatbot can actively direct your visitor to content, either within the chat itself, or leading the visitor to another page.  

Better Engagement

A chatbot instantly engages, providing a better experience with your visitors.  As soon as they click the "Start Conversation" button, the chatbot can suggest a number of topics to choose from, or the visitor can ask a question.  A well-trained chatbot will keep a customer engaged and help them to accomplish their goal. 

Providing Other Services

The chatbot can do more than navigate the visitor to a page to find content that interests them.  Chatbots can offer a wide variety of features from taking bookings, filling in forms, making payments and much more.  Imagine a chatbot setting up a meeting with a member of your staff; to do this, it would first check availability, suggest dates, allow the visitor to pick a date and time, schedule the meeting and send out confirmations.

Dramatically Enhanced Analytics

Another significant advantage of using a chatbot is that you will learn what your visitors are after.  With the introduction of "Private Searches", it is no longer possible to see the actual search terms used to find your website in your web analytics.  However, a chatbot is designed to have conversations, and form this you can learn what they need.  This information is like gold dust because it can help you to refine your content and create new content to satisfy their needs leading to more conversions.

Increased Persuasiveness

It is common for people to scan a page, taking in only 20% of the content.  When using a with a chatbot, the conversation requires much greater attention.  The chatbot can persuade the visitor to complete a call to action.  Because of this, more and more, websites are using chatbots to create formless websites, i.e. it feels more natural to finish a call to action when having a conversation than filling in an ad-hoc form at the bottom of the page.

In Summary

Simply put, if your website consists of a dozen or more pages, then you are more than likely losing conversions.  Some visitors will not find what they are looking for and because there was no helping hand, they will move on to your competition.  A chatbot can solve this by answering questions, navigating and persuading them to complete actions such as generating new leads all through the art of conversation 24/7.

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