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Email and SMS Reminders IT System

Stop chasing staff and let this Reminders System do the work for you.

Email and SMS Reminders System

Do you wish that you could just set a reminder with an action to be carried out at a later date and have a system automatically send emails and SMS messages to the recipient to remind them of that action?  Would you also like to receive a reminder email each morning summarising what is due today, tomorrow and within the next week?

We have created such a system that allows a support team to create reminders and assign them to particular members of staff.  For each reminder, the member of staff is automatically sent both an email and SMS message the day before and on the day of the reminder.

Each reminder contains the following attributes:

  • Reminder Date - a future date when to take action.
  • Reminder Type - MOT, Insurance Certificate, Employee Reference, etc.
  • Reminder Status - Open, Closed, Overdue
  • Recipient - typically staff, but can be anyone
  • Action - description of the action to be taken, such as check MOT Certificate.Notes - each reminder can have one or more notes added as evidence of work carried out.  For example, "I've checked the MOT certificate, and it is valid until 21/9/2019. "
  • Audit - logs are maintained to show every action taken.

The system allows support staff to perform the following actions.

Create, edit and delete reminders

Create, edit and delete reminder notes

Determine if the reminder recipient will receive notifications of either an SMS message, an Email, or both.

Determine when notifications will be sent, i.e. before, on the day, and when overdue.

Perfect for a Human Resources (HR) responsible for following up with members of staff to ensure that they have correct documents and certificates.  It also has many other uses as well, especially when recipients of the reminders are customers or suppliers.  Sales and Marketing can use the system to set reminders to follow up with Customers and Suppliers.  

The business benefits of this reminder system include:

Improved governance - very quickly you can see what is upcoming, due and overdue.

Time-saving - staff are reminded of actions automatically, so no need to keep contacting them manually.

Repeat offenders - provide extra training to help ensure that important business processes get completed on time.  Companies might be liable if they do not check documents and they are invalid when an accident occurs.

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